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  • Dongguan Cocou Textile Materials Co. Ltd.
  • Contact person:Mr Liu
  • MOB:18681037387
  • TEL: 86-0769-22019260
  • FAX: 86-0769-22609567
  • Address4th Floor, No.1 Hongchuan Road, Lichuan Industrial Zone, Dongguan, Guangdong
Dongguan Cocou Textile Materials Co. Ltd. is located at Dongguan which is the most famous manufacturing centre in China. We have our own R,D department which is comprised of experts and elites specialized in textile materials. The geographical and talent advantages enable us to produce high performance products which are suitable for textile field home and abroad. Many companies are faced with high cost problems when developing new and high performance products. We may help you to solve these problems. Please note that we don't sell ordinary or low-end items. Our products cover aramid yarn and thread, glow in the dark aramid yarn and thread, light-reflecting yarn and thread, UHMW Polyethylene (Dyneema), carbon fiber (anti-static fiber), hot melt yarn and thread, conductive yarn and thread, anti-static yarn and thread, touch screen yarn and thread, craft rope, bandage, metallic rope, welt yarn and thread, hand-knitting yarn and thread, metallic yarn and thread for weaving. What's more, we can also offer semi-finished materials for high-end belt and sewing thread, such as poly poly core spun yarn and thread, cotton yarn and thread, high tenacity twisted polyester filament yarn and thread as well as high-end polyester FDY. We have our own manufactory which has a history of 10 years, experienced in developing and producing. We have been authorized by some giant international companies to sell their products. After years of efforts, we have built a good relationship with factories specialized in fabric weaving, safety protection products, gloves, garments, cables, under-wear, shoes, hats, belts, fishing, furniture, carpet, kite, sports products, sewing thread. You are welcome to join us to develop low-carbon and environmental products. "Customer Satisfaction" is our main concern. We always commit to providing the best value to customer. To achieve this, we will constantly improve quality of our products and service. We attach great importance to the development of new products to cater for the overseas and domestic market.

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TEL0769-22019260 FAX0769-22609567


Address4th Floor, No.1 Hongchuan Road, Lichuan Industrial Zone, Dongguan, Guangdong

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